Aromatic Oud


An exquisite combination of watery flowers of rose and orange blended with a beautiful, sensual woody scent creates a fresh yet sophisticated fragrance that leaves you an unforgettably pleasant experience. A luxurious oud scent that brings an uplifting feeling of delight for the day ahead.

What is Oud?

What is Oud?

The graceful scent of oud (wood) used to be exclusively available to the kings and queens in Arab. Oud is known as Jinko, or agarwood, in Japan and has been a highly prized fragrant wood incense since ancient times. The most precious and valued is called Kyara, which is the highest grade of agarwood that has been treasured for centuries. This rarest and most expensive type of fragrant wood is still traded among devoted oud admirers and enthusiasts.

Classic Floral

Ranked No. 1 among Laundrin' products
Its elegant fragrance makes you feel dreamy and graceful

Classic Fiore

Geranium and lychee adds a great juicy accent to the classic floral fragrance



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